The company outline

The company Vision

To deliver high quality Japanese pottery throughout the world.

About our company

The company is in Hida-cho, Toki-city (in Gifu prefecture), where most Japanese pottery is manufactured. It is especially well-known that the manufacturers in Hida-cho make high quality goods at a lower cost.

Since established 40 years ago, the company has engaged itself exclusively in the pottery business.

Today, we deliver dishes throughout Japan through our web-site.

Selling Points

Since the products are examined carefully in Japan, many high quality grade-B goods are available in the marketplace. Through our many years of business experience, we are able to stock those goods at a bargain price.

Also, due to the large inventory available, we can obtain a massive quantity of these goods at a bargain price.

Company Name

Azuma Store Inc.

Head Office Address

376-8 Hita Hita-cho Toki-shi Aichi 509-5115, Japan




[email protected]


Takayuki Azuma